The Mulisha

Pedal Mulisha has been working with getting our very own "Mulisha".  These riders enjoy the sport, the family and comradery the sport brings.  Read their stories and follow them to keep up to date on where and what they are doing.

Starting off with Brooke...

I’m Brooke Trine, I’m 27 years old and I’m from the Cleveland, OH area.  I was introduced to bicycles, through Ray’s Indoor Bike Park as a winter activity to stay in shape during the moto off-seasons. The last few years, I’ve really developed a passion for riding and decided to pursue competing in the Women’s Slopestyle Tour and Crankworx events.  It has been incredible being a part of women’s slopestyle as it is just being created and to have the opportunity to grow and evolve the sport. Though my interests are in dirt jumping and slopestyle, I will be expanding into other forms of mountain biking over the next few years to be more competitive in Crankworx and other MTB events.  I’m so excited to see where bikes take me and the people I will meet through biking.  I am grateful for those who I’ve met thus far and for the amazing companies who support me and my dream (Airborne Bicycles, Profile MTB, SR Suntour, SCg Shoes, and Pedal Mulisha).  @btrine32

Picture above taken by, Andrew Jay

Picture above taken by, Ronia Nash

Next up is Kelly Gilleland....

I’m known by most as Kelly G. I’m 35 years old and live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I grew up on a farm in Georgia riding horses and 4 wheelers before moving to Colorado when I was 20. My first adrenaline addiction was found on my horse. Running him thru the forests was the best feeling.. it was my escape. After moving to Colorado I found snowboarding and fell utterly in love. After a few summers passed mourning the snow, I found mountain biking. It took me a couple of years of beat up elbows and knees before I realized being on two wheels is my greatest passion. Everything that comes with mountain biking is a dream; the friends, the camping, the descent after you’ve earned it, the feeling of progression and progressing alongside your best friends! The thrill and pure joy it gives me is unexplainable. I pulled the triggered last year and bought a dirt jumper and it’s insane how it has improved my mountain biking and even my mental health. There are few things that make me happier than standing at the drop in with friends and strangers and building each other up to go bigger and try new tricks. Being a short human it took me a long time and a lot of bikes to finally find my perfect fit. After Transition changed the geometry in 2017, my dreams came true. Now I’m happier than ever on my Transition Patrol and my Transition PBJ. I have a large list of my favorite places to ride, but I’ll narrow it down a bit. For DH, Trestle bike park in Winter Park, Colorado and Thunder Mountain in Massachusetts. For pedaling, Galbraith in Bellingham hands down. For jumps, I‘d have to go with our local park, Bear River Bike park, here in Steamboat! Find her at @kell_g_

Picture above by Aryeh Copa

Now we are on to Blake ...

I'm Blake Turner, 29 years old, and I live in Winter Park, Florida.  I grew up just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and started riding bicycles without training wheels at 2 years old.  I started racing BMX shortly after that and raced all over the country until about 2000 when I transitioned into racing Motocross.  After a couple injuries and attempting to make it as a professional motocross racer I moved back into riding bicycles.  My style of riding has a lot of motocross influence to it.  I like finding gaps or transfers that other people haven't tried.  I ride for the kids who yell "do a backflip". Find him at @blake_turner43

Picture above by Troy Weber 

Picture above is by Bryan Mitchell 

Rounding down the team with 2 left...

Hello my name is Brandon Pavone. Born and raised in Pinellaspark Florida. I started riding bmx at the age of 2. Bmx is my passion I’ve always enjoyed it! Even on the injured days. The best part is riding with friends and making great memories. Find him on instagram as @provalonecheese5.

Picture above by David Lando

And the wrap it all up... we have the last rider that we are waiting for his profile. In the meantime we will write one for him.

His name is Kevin Castaño and he is bad ass... find him on Instagram, @la_migra_bmx

Picture above taken by Pedal Mulisha

Picture above taken by Pedal Mulisha

Picture taken by Pedal Mulisha


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