Peaty's Dry Lube- 2oz

Peaty's Dry Lube- 2oz

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Our readily biodegradable LinkLube Dry Weather chain lube uses a unique blend of waxes suspended in a water-based emulsion to give you a long-lasting, clean-running, quiet chain!

Application Instructions

  1. Fully degrease drivetrain. For best results, use Peaty's Drivetrain Degreaser. 
  2. Ensure you thoroughly wash your chain with clean water after degreasing (degreaser is designed to eat chain oil after all). 
  3. Remove as much water as you can from the chain - a quick wipe with a clean cloth will do fine. 
  4. Give the bottle a good shake to evenly distribute the secret sauce. 
  5. Apply but do not remove any excess lube.
  6. Allow lube to fully dry clear!
  7. RIDE! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

    Caution - Do not get LinkLube (or any lube for that matter!) on your brakes or brake pads.